Final Fantasy VII (Square/Square Enix)

Computer-generated interactive experiences are critical to commercial life. Increasing digitisation, use of 3D design, ‘smart’ systems and increased popularity of virtual gaming are just a few of the reasons. One effect is that demand for specialists in designing user experiences like websites is going through the roof just now.

2021 is the 25th anniversary of the release of Quake, the first person shooter game in which players could use the underlying Quake Engine to build new levels, weapons and challenges within the game to play with friends.

Game Academy is a new careers programme built for gamers. We help players get jobs they love, using the games they’re great at. On December 8th, 2020, we’re launching a new platform version of our programme, with new Quests, Campaigns, an user hub and a lot more. Here’s a flyer for the launch. Do share the link and URL. Use your gaming mojo to build a dream career!

You need to let the world see what you’re capable of,” says Matthew Ricci, CEO of Zentech Corporation, a retail commerce company in Toronto, Canada. “And I think that by hiding it is the the worst thing ever.”

Matthew is a veteran player of EVE Online, the legendary space-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

He’s a huge advocate for the power of EVE, its demands on the player and real-life skills that it tutors, once telling Kotaku that “if you’re playing EVE Online, you basically already have an MBA.”

Twenty years on from the first time that he started to…

For people in some professions making decisions — and good decisions — is of special importance.

Mike is a civilian airline pilot based in Austria, who flies all over the world. Alongside his aviation job, Mike raced cars for 15 years and also runs two companies. He is a gamer and collector of games & consoles.

Game Academy talked to Mike about his passion and talent for games and decision-making skills demanded by a job where safety and professionalism is paramount.

GA: Mike, what games do you play?

M: As far as new games are concerned, I prefer FPS, RPG…

Want to know more about the power of your game skills? Skill up for a new career by playing games?

Registration closes on September 10th for our unique Game Academy bootcamp that’s dedicated to the personal and career development of gamers.

The two-week programme includes analysis of your gaming profile like you’ve never had before, in-game and real-life challenges and a series of workshops with gamers who’ve brought their game skills to bear upon a very successful career in business and public life — from the creative direction of a games company to the foundation of a cloud computing company…

Pavarti — The Outer Worlds (Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division)

“I think everybody has a reflection of themselves in the games they play,” says Robin Gray, editor and founder of Gayming magazine from Gray Jones Media.

Robin is a power-house in games media and of LGBT advocacy in the UK games industry. He spoke to Game Academy with candour — declaring an overpowering commitment to Lego Games; irritation- at “shouters” in shooter games; and passion- how Cyberpunk 2077 might just rewrite the rules of being “you are what you play” in a video game.

Game Academy: Hi Robin, in your unwritten autobiography, what would be the recurring diet of video…

Press Release, 30.04.2020

Game players, unite! Your gainful employment is just a sequence of gameplay away!

Game Academy, a new talent tech venture for game players, has been announced as a participant in a prestigious new programme set on transforming opportunities for people in the changing world of work.

Supported by the UK Government’s Department for Education and Nesta, the innovation foundation, Game Academy has won extensive support to pioneer the power of commercial video game play in online adult education.

With Game Academy’s software, all of the problem-solving, communication, agility and supreme skills that players deploy in-game can become…

World of Warcraft — Blizzard Entertainment

Tamas G., a chef in a traditional Norwegian seafood restaurant in Bodø, Norway, spoke with Game Academy about gaming, skills, food and everything in between.

He let us in on some of his secrets and the key to his professional success!

Turns out, in a restaurant kitchen, as in World of Warcraft raiding, negotiation and leadership are King. What’s more, soft skills and talent developed in game are useful to people in non-tech professions.

Game Academy: Hi, Tamas, when did you start playing games and what are your favourite games?

Tamas: I’ve played since childhood. My mother got me a…

Dr. Gordon Freeman: Level 3 Research Associate Scientist (HL) and Resistance Leader — Valve Corporation / Electronic Arts / Taito MORE

Top 1% in CS:GO. Diamond 2 ranking and in the top 7% in Apex Legends. Ian is a software developer based in London, a self-confessed “Perseverance Awareness Junkie”, who is one of the early graduates of Game Academy’s online programme on decision-making.

We caught up with Ian in between his work in financial technology and competing in Apex Legends. We talked of his early days playing Tomb Raider and admiration for Dr Gordon Freeman of Half-Life, the theoretical physicist who defends the human race against hostile aliens.

GA: Congratulations on completing the Game Academy quests! Why did you do it…

Destiny (Bungie)

From playing Nintendo games in the back of his parents’ Honda Civic in the 1970s through to flight simulators with professional pilots today.

From heading up Marketing at Sony at the launch of PS4 and launching games like God of War, Gran Turismo Sport and Horizon Zero Dawn to his present role as Chief Operating Officer of Mind Candy, the entertainment company behind Moshi Monsters.

Rich Keen is a veteran of the games industry, a super-enthusiastic player and executive. A keen supporter of GamesAid, Rich is one of several figures in the industry who have kindly shared their advice and…

Game Academy

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